A CEO’s Journey

Season 4, Episode 1

In this inaugural episode of Season 4, Mary Ann Korenic, CEO of The Chicago Trust Company at Wintrust Wealth Management, shares her leadership and life journey. Having faced numerous personal and professional hardships, Mary Ann shares her perspectives on facing adversity and discusses how these challenges forced her to persevere and ultimately, conquer new summits.

Discussion Questions:

· How are you pushing yourself to not have to be in every meeting and step away from some of the details to allow yourself time to focus on more strategic issues?
· Can you think of a situation where you might have achieved a better outcome if you had used the 'power of the pause'?
· How are you taking care of your own health and well-being, and how are you modeling that for your team so that they also make their health a priority?
· Where might there be an opportunity for you to tap someone on the shoulder and offer them a stretch opportunity?


[2:15] The Path to Becoming CEO
[7:23] Skills Executive Leaders Need
[9:35] Learning to Be Better, Not Bitter
[12:00] Facing Health Challenges
[13:58] Persevering Through the Impossible
[17:00] Career Summits: Helping Others to Grow and Lead
[19:46] The Benefits of Board Service
[23:24] Don’t Call Them “Resolutions”…Call Them “Continual Improvements”

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