A Conversation with One of Modern Healthcare's Top Women Leaders

Season 4, Episode 3

In this episode, Deborah Gordon, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Legal Officer for Memorial Hermann Health System, discusses her career journey and becoming an authentic leader. Deborah explores issues that many women leaders face, including building an executive brand, overcoming imposter syndrome and investing in your own personal and professional development.

Discussion Questions:

· How are you actively working to evolve your personal brand?
· What are some examples of authentic leadership that you have observed recently?
· What do you tell yourself/others you mentor to help overcome feelings of imposter syndrome?
· How can you find ways to connect with your community and reap the benefits of those networks and new opportunities?


The Opportunities and Challenges of Working in the Healthcare Industry [4:27]
Expanding into New Roles [8:57]
Executive Brands are Always Evolving [12:09]
Finding Your Authentic Self as a Leader [14:06]
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome [17:42]
How to Step Up as a Leader [20:34]
The Benefit of Bi-Directional Relationships [23:18]
Connecting with the Community [31:40]

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