Embracing Stretch Roles With Confidence

Season 1, Episode 5

Leadership journeys often uncover opportunities to take on “stretch roles” – positions that require new skill sets and new responsibilities, and which yield great rewards. Moving into these roles requires courage, confidence and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone. In this episode, Kris Yates, President of Allsteel (a division of HNI Corporation); Leading Women Executives Fellow, 2011, shares how embracing stretch roles has enhanced her career and benefited her company.


Managing Revenue in a Pandemic [2:05]
Becoming Bolder [5:14]
Helping Allsteel to Adapt and Pivot [6:31]
Taking on Stretch Roles [8:55]
Lessons from Leading Women Executives [11:55]
Fostering an Award-Winning Culture [12:48]

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