Embracing Stretch Roles With Confidence

Season 1, Episode 5

Leadership journeys often uncover opportunities to take on “stretch roles” – positions that require new skill sets and new responsibilities, and which yield great rewards. Moving into these roles requires courage, confidence and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone. In this episode, Kris Yates, President of Allsteel (a division of HNI Corporation) and Leading Women Executives Ambassador, 2011, shares how embracing stretch roles has enhanced her career and benefited her company.


Managing Revenue in a Pandemic [2:05]
Becoming Bolder [5:14]
Helping Allsteel to Adapt and Pivot [6:31]
Taking on Stretch Roles [8:55]
Lessons from Leading Women Executives [11:55]
Fostering an Award-Winning Culture [12:48]

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