Leading by Example: Grainger’s ESG Journey

Season 3, Episode 2

In the past few years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have become a key priority for companies, as they work to define their ESG goals and link them to long-term sustainability and strategic planning. Long before the concept of ESG became popular, Grainger focused on these goals and built them into an integral part of their corporate values and leadership objectives. In this episode, Corporate Leadership Center CEO Deb DeHaas talks with Grainger’s Kathleen Carroll, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer; Leading Women Executives Advocate; and Rebecca Derdiger, Senior Director of Diversity and Corporate Responsibility; Leading Women Executives Fellow, 2021, to learn more about Grainger’s ESG journey and how they bring value to their stakeholders through their ongoing efforts.


ESG as a Guiding Principle [3:43]
Assessing What’s Important to Stakeholders [6:13]
How to Operationalize ESG throughout the Organization [10:05]
The Pandemic as a Communication Catalyst [12:26]
Telling Your ESG Story [17:44]
Advice for Other Companies [19:56]

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