Partnering with Your Legal Team for Better Business Outcomes

Season 3, Episode 5

Every business leader can benefit from greater insight on how to collaborate more effectively with their in-house legal team. In turn, every legal team can provide greater impact when viewed as a strategic partner, collaborating with the business to achieve its goals.

In this episode, Laura Wood, General Counsel, Zoro US; Leading Women Executives Fellow, 2019; and Tamela Merriweather, Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Northern Trust; Leading Women Executives Fellow, 2018, discuss their work to build relationships within their organizations and showcase the strategic value of the legal function in business.


The Impact of the Leading Women Executives Program [1:46]
How In-House Lawyers Can Help Drive Business Outcomes [4:11]
Understanding the Legal Aspects of Product Development [9:54]
Contracts are Actually Business Roadmaps – What You Need to Know [11:58]
“What Happens If…” – Understanding Termination Rights [14:48]
How to Develop Strong Relationships with Your Legal Team [21:29]
Recommended Reads [28:28]

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