Reflections, Inflections & Future Directions

Season 3, Episode 6

Career transitions provide a valuable opportunity to pause and reflect before embarking on new ventures. Oftentimes, insights gleaned during this period help to guide future decisions, both professionally and personally. Having recently left JLL as Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Mary Bilbrey, CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2019, reflects on her career journey and lessons learned as a result of the pandemic. She also shares valuable perspectives on how companies can foster ongoing employee engagement and build a powerful corporate culture.


Considering the Next Career Chapter [2:00]
How to Think About Employee Engagement [5:32]
Putting Your Own Mask on First [7:02]
Advice on Transitioning to a New Role or Company [8:44]
Influencing Culture in Your Organization [11:07]
The Most Important Leadership Capabilities to Cultivate [16:35]
Developing Diverse and Inclusive Cultures [18:57]

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