Revenue Growth in the Time of COVID-19

How Morningstar is Learning to Thrive in a New Reality

Season 1, Episode 1

The COVID-19 crisis has forced organizations to reassess and realign how they do business. Understanding customers’ changing needs is a critical step in the process, and requires companies to listen, learn and adapt quickly in order to succeed in this new environment.

In Part 1 of this episode, Michael Treacy, Founder and President of Treacy & Company, discusses the unique challenges around achieving revenue growth during these difficult times. Then, Kunal Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, Morningstar; CEO Perspectives Fellow, 2013, and Corporate Leadership Center Board Member; and Julie Willoughby, Head of Sales, Strategic Accounts for the Americas, Leading Women Executives Fellow, 2015, share how they applied these lessons, resulting in new product offerings and even stronger client relationships.

Part 1: Michael Treacy – President & Founder, The Treacy Company

  • Four Sources of Revenue Growth [2:34]
  • Why Senior Executives Can't Delegate the Topic of Growth [5:37]
  • How One Company Managed Growth Effectively [7:11]
  • The Biggest Mistakes Around Growth Strategies [10:50]

Part 2: Kunal Kapoor – Chief Executive Officer, Morningstar, and Julie Willoughby – Head of Sales, Strategic Accounts for the Americas, Morningstar 

  • The Impact of CEO Perspectives and Leading Women Executives [15:06]
  • Transitioning from Tactical Strategies to Growth Strategies During the Pandemic [20:19]
  • How Morningstar Has Adapted to the Current Environment [24:15]
  • Lessons in Leadership [28:07]
  • Advice for Rising Women Leaders [31:09]

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