The Language of Leadership

Season 2, Episode 4

The words we use to describe others in the workplace, particularly when it comes to evaluating performance, need to be chosen with care. Often, we use different words when describing men and women, which can have a profound impact on perceptions, decisions and opportunities. In this episode, Lori Mackenzie, co-founder of Stanford’s VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab; lead strategist, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Stanford Graduate School of Business; and Leading Women Executives Faculty Member, explores the “Language of Leadership” and how making strategic word choices can benefit leaders, their teams and their organizations.


What is ‘The Language of Leadership’? [4:08]
Using Language to Develop Your Own Executive Brand [5:57]
How Organizations Can Practice the Language of Leadership [8:33]
The Cost of Fitting In [10:44]
Two Steps and a Breath [13:44]
How the Covid Crisis Increased Bias in the Workplace [15:08]

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