A Top Level Program for Tomorrow’s Top Female Executives

Producing tomorrow’s leaders through education, collaboration, and shared insights.

The Objective of Leading Women Executives

Leading Women Executives is a leadership program for high-potential female professionals that focuses on three critical elements for success: organizational support, leadership skill building, and ongoing networking.

Our mission is two-fold:

  • Foster women’s advancement to executive levels by developing more strategic leadership skills and behaviors in individual professionals; and
  • Help companies gain insights into barriers that may exist in their organizations that can impact women’s advancement opportunities.

Our Purpose

Despite notable fractures in the glass ceiling, women are still underrepresented in the upper executive ranks of U.S. businesses and nonprofits. In fact, the most recent Catalyst study shows that women as chief executive officers only represent 4.2% in Fortune 500 Companies.

To help overcome this problem, Leading Women Executives works with companies’ CEOs and executive teams to:

  • Identify promising, female professionals who have the potential to become a part of the company’s leadership team;
  • Strengthen participants’ strategic leadership skills so they can continue to achieve new heights; and
  • Help companies understand any business practices or cultural barriers that may be preventing women from advancing to senior executive levels.